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Appletastic MLP: FiM Season 3 Speculation and Other Stuff!

[While preparing my post on Applejack and the virtue of honesty, I thought I'd look at the latest from the MLP: FiM show.]

AJ, you're such a liar, I saw "Applebuck Season" and you needed help from your friends to harvest Sweet Apple Acres! (See video below.) Wait, aren't you the Element of Honesty?

                                           Um, AJ, how do you like them apples?

Up to now, most of what I know of the upcoming season 3 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic comes from the two leaked teaser songs from Comic-Con, "Failure, Success" and "Ballad of the Crystal Ponies." The Crystal Ponies toy line adds these three cryptic descriptions in the product boxes:

- "Welcome to the CRYSTAL EMPIRE, a magical place full of hidden secrets! The ponies shine and sparkle here!"

"PRINCESS CADANCE and SHINING ARMOR share a big responsibility! They lead the CRYSTAL EMPIRE together!"


Shining Armor and Princess Cadence oversee their new empire with the Power of Love!

There seem to be four things we learn from the videos and the toys: 1) there is a kingdom called "the Crystal Empire" somewhere in the Northern part of Equestria. 2) The newlyweds Princess Cadence and Shining Armor apparently took control of the Crystal Empire. 3) There are ponies that shine, sparkle, and have something to hide in the Crystal Empire! 4) Twilight Sparkle didn't prepare for something...

But, of course, the Bronies (and the non-Brony fans, as I wouldn't want to forget the Pegasisters and the kids who are Hasbro's original target audience) still have many questions about season 3. I know that I myself am eagerly anticipating seeing if some of my wishes bear fruit, such as:

- I'd like to see my favorite pony Derpy Hooves make more appearances! What I really want, however, is for her to regain a speaking role, but given the "Last Roundup" controversy, such a request might be too much to ask...sigh.

We want Derpy!

- I'd really love to see my favorite of the three princesses, Luna, become a regular on the show! While Celestia hasn't figured much herself in the stories of the first two seasons, her sister Luna thus far has been cruelly underused, relegated to a comic relief role in her one minute of screen time in the "Royal Canterlot Wedding" Season 2 finale. The Lunar Princess deserves better...

We need more of Luna and her Royal Canterlot Disco Dancing.

- The musical duo, Octavia the Cellist and Vinyl Scratch "DJ Pon-3", having their own episode and perhaps performing together! (My other Octavia and Vynil posts are here and here.)

Can House and Classical music mix?

- The boaster and braggart Trixie should return!

Trixie, performer of feats beyond imagination!

- More Braeburn? Perhaps the nameless mule's mysterious past is revealed?

Everyone's favorite Appleloosan!

The Nameless Mule


I also stumbled across these Mad TV spoofs of MLP: FiM, featuring Tara Strong, the voice of Twilight Sparkle:

                                                                My Little Pwny

                                                              My Little War Horse


Fans of both MLP: FiM and Mass Effect, like mewill love this "Commander Pinky Pie" picture from the Mass Effect Facebook page:

HT: Equestria Daily

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