Friday, May 4, 2012

May the Fourth be with you!

Fr.Z and Mark Shea remind us that today is Star Wars Day. Well, being something of a Star Wars geek, I'd consider this a good opportunity to revisit the entire Saga (yes, even the prequels) along with other Star Wars-related stuff, like the classic John Williams soundtrack. However, under no circumstances shall I ever rewatch the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special, for that path leads to the Dark Side.

In honor of this day, I present you my favorite Star Wars parody video, "Vader Sessions."

Next, for those with the stomach for it, I give you the Star Wars Holiday Special:

After watching this, you'll beg for The Phantom Menace 

Lastly, for those with a taste for weird, nonsensical, and laugh-out-loud funny B-movies, I commend to you Turkish Star Wars:

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