Sunday, June 10, 2012

Coming Attractions

With another semester of college out of the way, I'm planning to start and finish a few writing and blogging projects this summer. Some of these posts deal with philosophical and theological topics, others with MLP. There are even projects that combine MLP with philosophical and theological subjects!

Here's what's coming soon (I hope)...

- My thematic review of some of the MLP: FiM episodes

- My MLP virtue/vice spotlight series

- A series of posts on classical theism (the God of Aquinas vs. New Atheist caricatures of God)

- A MLP fan fiction story currently titled "Citizen Luna," which combines MLP, Citizen Kane, and Star Wars into what might be an entertaining and cautionary tale of a misguided quest for love. I'll post a link once I finish chapter one.


I should also mention, for all you fellow Catholic Bronies out there, that I've just started watching G1 MLP, which isn't as bad as I imagined (though still not as good or as cool as FiM). After catching the first MLP TV Special, "Return to Midnight Castle," I'm beginning to fear I might turn into a fan of G1 MLP. DGD, my journey towards the dark side is nearly complete...

Yeah, I know the writing and pacing need work, but check out Twilight Sparkle's mom and G1 Applejack!

Update: No, wait, the dark side is becoming a G3 Brony, which has to be a violation of the law of contradiction or something.

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