Friday, June 1, 2012

A Link to the Past

A few notable posts from around the Catholic blogosphere, mostly dealing with friendship and the "pelvic issues" that blind sight our culture, according to Dr. Peter Kreeft...

MLP: The Magic of Friendship not Lesbianism

- DGD, sci-fi writer and fellow Brony, responds to the prevalence of slash (lesbian) MLP fan fiction and deals with one of the many distortions of modern thought on sex, that is, the conflation of close same-sex friendships with homosexual relationships. The Sci-fi Catholic also briefly defends an Aristotelian-Thomistic view of sexuality, arguing, among other things, that the end of the sexual act is procreation, which sounds like common sense. But as G.K. Chesterton might say, the prevalent modern thinking on sex is more like common nonsense. (Check out DGD's MLP fan fic Princess Trinity, which boasts an opening right out of Dante's Infernocomplete with a sign above the gates of Tartarus, and finally addresses the glaring lack of way cool mechs in the magic-dominated pony world of Equestria.)

Frodo and Sam: A literary example of male friendship

- While DGD considers Brony misunderstandings of female friendship in MLP, Dr. Phillip Blosser sees a similar corrosive effect of modern sexual thought on male friendship.

- Edward Feser, who offers a brief overview of Thomistic sexual morality in his highly recommended The Last Superstition (132-152),  summarizes the major differences between classical/scholastic philosophy and modern philosophy, especially the modern rejection of teleology or final causes in favor of mechanistic philosophy, and clears up a few confusions. (For more on Aristotelian-Thomism, let me once again shamelessly plug Feser's Aquinas.)

- Since we're still on the subject of sex, I'd like to mention this gem from Aquinas unearthed by Brandon.


  1. Just wanted to post that I'm enjoying your blog. It's nice to have found another Catholic brony so I don't feel so alone among fans of the show. Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks for the kind words! I should mention that there's a few more Catholic bronies, all sci-fi writers, that I'm aware of on my blogroll, DGD (The Sci Fi Catholic), John C. Wright (John C. Wright's Journal), and Nate Winchester (Hunting Muses).