Wednesday, July 25, 2012


From Nate Winchester comes this silly MLP:FiM birthday game. I mean, obviously the results don't mean anything. The game, for example, pits Nate in an Iron Pony competition against Big Macintosh that Big Mac would most assuredly win. Ridiculous! As for me, it seems I'm best friends with Applejack...wait a minute! I think this game is trying to tell me something, considering my next post on MLP Virtue Ethics happens to be on AJ and Honesty/Lying, oh, and I also think AJ is one of my favorites among the Main Six (behind Fluttershy and obviously Derpy). Now we just need to find out if DGD was born on the first day of any month (except maybe August)!

Yehaaw! Ya'll hear that? Me and AJ are P.F.F. (Pony Friends Forever!)

[Update: DGD bakes cupcakes with Discord!]

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  1. Man, it does seem like my birthday was the single worst possible result.