Monday, July 16, 2012

The Oddball

[I know I wrote that the next post would be on Fluttershy, but I thought that since Mrs. Cari Donaldson was nice enough to link to my blog, I'd take "revenge" on her kindness by linking back to her blog. For as the Philosopher says:

For those who are friends on the ground of virtue are anxious to do well by each other (since that is a mark of virtue and of friendship), and between men who are emulating each other in this there cannot be complaints or quarrels; no one is offended by a man who loves him and does well by him-if he is a person of nice feeling he takes his revenge by doing well by the other. (NE, VIII, 13)

Friendship: the only kind of revenge we can support!

Besides, I didn't exactly make a Pinkie Promise.

                                             By the way, Applejack is the Element of Honesty...]

"Looks like someone is beginning to take an interest in your handiwork." -- Han Solo, Star Wars 

Cari Donaldson, a writer for the Catholic Exchange, recently linked to few interesting sci-fi/fantasy blogs, such as David Ivies’ B-Movie Catechism (the only other dude I know who admits to watching the entire Star Wars Holiday Special). To my surprise (since I'm not big on marketing), Cari seems to have stumbled across my own blog:

Eric Mendoza, at RPG Catholic, is younger than I am, odder than I am, and smarter than I am.  Also, he has a raging love for My Little Pony that is so perplexing that I fully plan on spending naptime today parsing through that phenomena. 

I'd probably be boasting more than Trixie ever did by saying I'm a smart guy rather than a dummy, but I can definitely vouch for the oddness. I can understand Cari's puzzlement; it still feels strange being a Brony. I certainly didn't imagine only 6 months ago that I'd be watching a girl's cartoon about talking horses, wearing a Derpy t-shirt, trying to write MLP fan fic, and attempting to tie FiM moral lessons with Aristotelian-Thomistic philosophy.

I'll also add the sci-fi writers DGD (who's Derpy post back in February won me over to FiM), John C.Wright (leader of the Space Princess movement), Nate Winchester (currently reviewing MLP episodes), and Mike Flynn to the list. The Deej, JCW, and Nate are Bronies, but I'm not sure about the OFloinn.


For my next MLP philosophical post, I finally look at one of the Main Six and see the virtues and vices they exemplify. Here's a hint as who'll it be...

                                           Warning: video may cause permanent hearing loss!

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