Saturday, November 3, 2012

At the ACPA Conference

I was able to make it to the first day of the American Catholic Philosophical Association annual meeting in Marina Del Rey, CA. Alfredo and his friend Alex Yousif were there and I tagged along with them the rest of the day.

Alfredo the "Analytic Scholastic," Eric the "RPG Catholic," and Alex

We started the proceedings by listening to Kevin Timpe on "Responsible Agency and God" and Daniel Speak on "Open Theism." Dr. Timpe asked me to wear a unicorn shirt to the lecture and so I whipped out my MLP Vynil Scratch "DJ-Pon 3" tee.

After the first session, we went to the next lecture by Dr. Chris Tollefsen on "Double Effect Reasoning and Two Hard Cases." Gyula Klima was scheduled to present a paper, but couldn't make it from New York due to flooding from Hurricane Sandy. I was a bit disappointed at not seeing Klima, but to my surprise, Edward Feser (whose books and blog posts I've recommend countless times) walked into the room. After the talk ended, I was able to meet Dr. Feser and discuss a few Thomistic matters I've been thinking about lately.

Big fanboy grin...

Alfredo, Ed Feser, and Alex

Next up, I joined Alfredo, Alex, Dr. Tollefsen and other professors for dinner at a local French restaurant. We finished the night by going to a reception in the topmost penthouse room of the Marriot Hotel, where I met Germain Grisez and Christopher Kaczor.

Overall, I'd say it was a fun day.

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