Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Tribute to Benedict XVI's Final Day as Pope: The Regensburg Address


Susan of Ironic Catholic asked her fellow Catholic bloggers to post a small tribute to Benedict XVI's final day as Pope.

I think it's fitting with Benedict XVI's academic background that I quote from his Regensburg Address, which dealt, among other things, with the perennial issue of the relation between Faith and Reason, Fides et Ratio:

The West has long been endangered by this aversion to the questions which underlie its rationality, and can only suffer great harm thereby. The courage to engage the whole breadth of reason, and not the denial of its grandeur - this is the programme with which a theology grounded in Biblical faith enters into the debates of our time. "Not to act reasonably, not to act with logos, is contrary to the nature of God", said Manuel II, according to his Christian understanding of God, in response to his Persian interlocutor. It is to this great logos, to this breadth of reason, that we invite our partners in the dialogue of cultures. To rediscover it constantly is the great task of the university.

- James V. Schall's book on the Address.

Pope Benedict's XVI's final tweet

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