Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Feser vs. Hart on Natural Law

The recent natural law debate launched by David Bentley Hart's First Things article continues. Thaddeus Kozinski entered the fray on Hart's side with an article in Ethika Politika. Both Edward Feser and Brandon Watson responded. Then Hart responded to Feser's response of Hart's original article. Finally, just today, Feser posted a cleverly titled response to Hart's response, very likely to result in another response by Hart.

Meanwhile, on a related note, Brandon has continued posting his introductory series on natural law theory. So far, there's parts IIIIIIa, and IIIb.

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  1. I'm tracking the same debate here:

    Hart at times sounds confused, incoherent and incapable of forming an argument. I was surprised to read his first piece in First Things, and I'm equally embarrassed to see the second.